Personal experiences inspired in crafting ‘Family Album’: Uruguayan Film Director Guillermo Rocamora

Guillermo Rocamora, Director of the film ‘Family Album’, which was screened under Cinema of the World category, shared his thoughts at an interaction with delegates and media at 54th IFFI today in Goa. Speaking about how his personal experiences inspired in crafting the film, the Uruguayan director said “It is about my family experience when my parents got divorced my 16 year old brother had the brilliant idea to invite my father to play drums in his band. This story has been with me for many years and it became the genesis of this project and now a film has been made on it.”

The film, which is in Spanish language, delves into the arduous process of becoming an adult, the complicated relationship between parents and children as both grow older, and the world of amateur rock bands. It centers on the father-son relationship.

With a blend of drama and humor, the film aims to resonate with the audience of all ages, inviting them to reflect on their own interpersonal relationships and connections within the framework of family. Expressing this Guillermo elaborated, “Manuel, the main character battles with the choice to be a musician or not, choices that many young people are confronted with. On the other hand, the father in the film is trying to get back to music and relive his younger days, something that many older persons also go through’. He further added that he is hopeful the film will be illuminating for both parents and children with ideas and tools to better understand each other in crucial moments of life.

On the influence of music in his life and also being a key factor in the film, the Director emphasized how, ‘music is portrayed as another character of the film’. He shared that great work was done to ensure the musicians picked up the right music notes and they were suitably placed in the script to add another layer to the film.

The film explores the complexities of family and promises to captivate audience with universal themes of love, resilience and the enduring bonds that define us, concluded the Director.


Manuel is 18, is passionate about music but deeply uncertain of his career path. César is 45, yet he behaves more like a teenager. He is an immature father experiencing a new sense of rejuvenation and freedom since he and his wife separated. Virginia is 49, she gives English classes in her kitchen. Parenting teenagers while working at home and dealing with her failed marriage overburdens her. Agustín is 15, is one step away from getting expelled from school. Amid the family crisis, César and Manuel come up with the untimely idea to form a rock band, César’s never fulfilled dream from youth. Soon enough, a generational clash between César and Manuel will turn the family band project unsustainable. Temas Propios is a comedy about the arduous process of becoming an adult, the complicated relationship between parents and children, and the world of amateur rock bands.

About the Director:

Guillermo Rocamora is a feature film and advertising producer, director and screenwriter. His short film Buen Viaje (2008) competed at Cannes FF. His debut feature Solo (2013) premiered at Miami to win the Best First Film Award. He wrote and directed the documentary La Esencia de Carolina Herrera de Báez (2013) for Discovery Channel. La Libertad es una Palabra Grande (2018), a documentary about former Guantánamo prisoner Muhammad’s life in Uruguay, premiered at IDFFAmsterdam.